Ellene "Britt" Christansen Memorial Fund
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Ellene "Brit" Christiansen was passionate about improving the quality of life within the disability community. As a life long crusader for people with disabilities Ellene served on federal, state and local commissions and advocacy organizations. She founded the first Independent Living Center in Baltimore.

Although Ellene was diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy at an early age, she never let the disease shadow her optimism for life. She shared her enthusiasm, philosophies and laughter with individuals having disabilities so they would never feel alone; as she once remembered herself feeling as a child.

Ellene loved children and loved sharing her enthusiasm and artistic abilities especially with children having disabilities. She felt it important for all children to create their own works of art and become inspired to think freely.

The goal of this memorial is to continue Ellene's dream of enabling young people with disabilities to think creatively and recognize their abilities not their limitations.